The marketplace is a digital place where buyers and sellers of products and services for re-use can meet. 

Here you can make products visible to the next user, search for reusable products and create a selection of products to be used in re-use projects or call for materials and goods for your upcoming projects. 

The marketplace also provides services that are related to re-use, for example within inventory and resale, shipping and logistics as well as reconditioning. 

The marketplace can be used both in public and private mode: advertisers can choose to publish completely publicly on the external marketplace or to only make their publications visible to invited users to their own organization via an internal marketplace that requires login. 

The marketplace is currently used by parties involved in collaboration and development projects run by CCBuild. Connected players can publish on the marketplace. The offer on the public marketplace is freely searchable and open to everyone. 

If you want to publish on the marketplace, you can either hire an intermediary or a reseller or join CCBuild.